Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas

When I was reading the 4 prequel novellas, I had extremely high hopes for Throne of Glass. I wanted to love it. But it turned out to be a massive letdown. 

- Celeana is an arrogant bitch. I couldn't stand her and wanted to kick her most of the time. I understood why she was arrogant (even though it annoyed the hell out of me) when she was still working with Arobynn in the novellas but I was expecting her to tone it down a bit after spending a year in Endovier. But no, she's still the same ungrateful, smug bitch that she was before she was sent there. Not only that, but I feel like the author shows every woman that's not Celaena in a bad light. In the novellas, there was Lysandra. In this novel, it's Katlain and the Queen.

- The book goes on about how Celeana is a feared, ruthless assassin. Yet, she doesn't assassinate anyone in this novel. Also, we would expect her to be careful when there's a killer on the loose in the castle but when she finds a bag of candies on her bed, she eats up all of them, not even thinking that it could be poisoned or whatever. That is Adarlan's most notorious assassin?

- The book is about a competition with various Tests which Celaena must pass if she doesn't want to be sent back to Endovier. Yet, we are not given any details of the Tests, except the poison one, and the last battle in the end. It's like they are completely unimportant.

- The world building was flimsy and lacking in substance. 

- I am not exaggerating when I say that the romance takes up more than half of the book. There's not enough tension about the competition. Instead, the book goes on and on about how Prince Dorian is strikingly handsome and how it would feel to kiss him. It was pure insta-love. As for Chaol, it wasn't really insta-love and I would've rooted for him had he not been an insufferable jerk to Celaena for half of the book. 

Overall, I didn't hate this book but it was ok. I expected a lot because I liked the novellas enough to be excited about this one but I was disappointed. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who'd want an original YA Fantasy read but most people gave it 4* or 5* so you'll probably enjoy it more than I did.