Angelfall  - Susan Ee

First of all: I DID NOT KNOW THAT THE AUTHOR'S NAME WAS VREELAND. What a shocking revelation.


I hate angels; I find them rather lame, especially after reading books like Hush HushFallen, etc. But Susan Ee, just like Laini Taylor (Daughter of Smoke and Bone) and Wendy Higgins (Sweet Evil) managed to use that concept and created a masterpiece. 

Angelfall was so addictive that I finished it in less than a day. This book draws you in from the very beginning and demands your constant attention.

I deeply admire Penryn. She is definitely one of my favourite heroines; she is kickass, knows her priorities, and is loyal to her duty as 'the head of the family'. She doesn't whine about her condition, she just does what she has to do to survive and of course, get back her sister at all costs. I love her bluntless and her witty comebacks. As for Raffe being an agnostic angel? That was simply brilliant. And hilarious. He is a (sexy) mysterious character, and it's evident that he's hiding some things but you can't help like him. His relationship with Penryn developed slowly and I liked how the book was not about the 'romance' but based on getting to the aerie and looking for Paige. It shows the characters' dermination and how they know where their priorities lie. And I love that.

And the ending. I literally died. 
I highly recommend this book for people who like action, suspense and kickass characters.