Hunger (Gone Series #2)

Hunger - Michael  Grant Hunger is just as captivating and thrilling as Gone but the character development was 'meh'. I found Sam to be a bit unrealistic. He is only fifteen, yet he is the 'mayor', tries to take care of 300 kids, fails (what a surprise) and drowns himself in self-pity. Hell, WHAT fifteen year old guy, who once all adults gone, would try to replace them? Astrid was still only Astrid the genius. She had a bunch of theories for the mutations, and solved the puzzle in the end but she didn't do anything extraordinary. She never went fighting, never took risks, and was always at home with her brother waiting anxiously for Sam to get back. The same applies to Diana who is Caine's lap dog, but she, however, knows how to act in different types of situations and can take of herself. Lana was probably the only ass-kicking female in the whole book, along with Britney whom I'm anxious to know more about, since the girl isn't really dead. She took a huge risk going to The Darkness all alone to try to defeat it. Even if she failed and it took control of her, her determination was strong since the beginning of the story and I admire that.Apart from that, it was a gripping book, full of action, suspense and twists. A lot of questions from the first book were answered too.