Tormenting Lila - Sarah Alderson 3.5 really good but I expected more stars.I was so excited to read this because I would get to meet Alex and Lila again. It felt so good to be back in Lila's head, swoon over Alex, giggle at Suki and Nate's constant spying (who wouldn't?). Tormenting Lila was too short, and I was expecting more of the serial killer stuff, and less of Jack's overprotectiveness. I guess that I thought of this novella more as a book itself than as a novella, hence the 3.5. I can't wait to read The Sound now that we've been introduced to Jesse and Ren and the others! The prologue got me hooked on immediately. Oh and what Alex said about what they would do when Lila turned 18? *swoons* Waiting till January for that special scene is going to be torture!