Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn May contain spoilers. I'm so disappointed. Everyone was going on about how great this book was, and I was so excited to start it that I ended up with my high expectations crushed. This book is so overrated and the number of 5 star reviews astounds me. The storyline was too cliche and unoriginal. It didn't introduce a new turn to the new adult genre, instead it was the usual recycled stuff. Insecure, awkward and not-so-social-type protagonist, the hot, popular guy who mysteriously starts liking her the moment he sets eyes on her, but of course, she rejects him every time when in fact she's so madly in love with him. Everything was so predictable and the rape issue wasn't dealt with properly in my opinion. The writing didn't make me feel any compassion towards Avery and the tears I was warned would come at some point, never came. Some people will probably hate me for saying this, but I didn't find anything special in Cam. In fact, he's a violent guy whom Armentrout portrays as 'desirable'. Yeah, I know that the guy deserved it and that what happened to his sister was awful but nearly killing the guy because of it? No, just no. That is not a swoon-worthy guy. He may have made her realise that she was being a freaking coward to just sit and let that caller annoy her, but apart from that, nothing really struck me about him except his aggressive behaviour. And the thing with Molly? It was obvious that she was behind those messages since David told Avery about her. How could Avery be so stupid? I get the point that she wanted to escape and her past and wanted nothing to do with it, and that those calls were a painful reminder of what had happened to her, but seriously? Wouldn't the best thing be to hunt that caller down or go to the police and get it over with so she can finally be left alone? Instead she sat down, and didn't do anything, she didn't even try to make things right, and where did it lead? Drama. So much drama between her and Cam because of trust issues. The book was ok in itself, but this type of storyline is frankly starting to bore me to death. There's nothing tragic about this story really, there was pratically no mention of how Avery dealt with the rape, what happened to her afterwards, how she got past it, etc. I would not recommend it to people who want a good, different and original NA read.