Losing Lila - Sarah Alderson I have no words to describe how amazing this sequel is. It was so perfect. There was so much emotions this time, but without any useless drama. I was practically sobbing when Alex was leaving but thank god Lila stopped him omg, I love you girl. There was no drama in their relationship. It's cute how Jack is protective of her and my favourite part was when he jerked out of his coma when Lila told him that she'd been skinny dipping with Alex while Jack was in bad shape. Please please Jack, be my brother. Oh and Suki and Nate are the cutest, I love them and their sense of humour. They're always here to cheer up everyone and their comments on Alex are hilarious. There was more action than in Hunting Lila and Lila kicked ass. I really liked the new characters too, especially Key's mother. She reminded me of my own grandma when she looked at Lila like 'she needed to get some meat on her bones before she would be worth talking to.' All this to say how this book was utter perfection. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SARAH, WRITE A THIRD BOOK.