Amy and Roger's Epic Detour - Morgan Matson Very nice book! I thought it would be more cliché (than it already is) but Morgan Matson surprised me. I was expecting a romance but the book turned out to be about people who had problems and were still working on recovering from them. It was a light read, and I liked the development in Amy's character throughout the story. I got bored when she wouldn't talk about it to anyone, and avoided the subject at all costs but in the end she realised what she was missing this whole time and was like, "I've been hiding long enough now, time to move on." What I liked most was the accuracy of the trip. Everything was detailed, from the highway names and maps, to the receipts of their purchases and the entries in Amy's scrapbook. It made me feel like I was on the trip with them. Now I feel like going on a road trip and visit all those places and relive that experience, but of course it would be more real this time. I actually got hungry when I saw the picture of what they were eating at the Brown Hotel. Roger and Amy's playlist were awesome too, I discovered a lot of talented artists I'd never heard of, and their music is actually pretty good. What I didn't like is the hook-up scene in the end. It was sudden and I mean, I knew it would happen eventually but just like that? And they didn't really talk about it afterwards. I mean, dude, you've know each other for less than a week and you're already having sex?. The ending diappointed me too. I was really looking forward to the part when Amy and her mother talked. Because that was the whole point of the book, right? To talk and let everything out, and try to solve things. I guess all moms would've calmed down and get back to their worrying selves in Amy's situation but I still wanted to see how it all played out in the end between them. Anyway it was a good book; very light and engaging. Who wants to drive off with me, crank up the iPod and visit a few states?