A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness, Jim Kay What am I supposed to follow a book like this with? How are you supposed to recover from such a strong emotional experience?This isn't really a review because I can't even begin to express myself at how much of a masterpiece this is, and I won't be objective at all. Conor's mother is sick. Terribly sick, and at the point of dying. He's known this for a while. His parents are divorced so Conor and his mother are on his own, except for his grandmother, who he isn't very fond of. He has nightmares about some kind of monster and one night, a monster appears from a yew tree by Conor's house. However it's not the one from his nightmare and he isn't scared at all. It tells Conor that it will tell him three stories and Conor will tell him the fourth; which will be the truth.Oh my God. This book. This is how you write a book. This is how you deal with loss, pain, the battles of life and come to accept them. This is how you reduce your readers to nothing but puppets you can control with only a few pages of meaningful writing. A Monster Calls is one of those books out there that will make you think, experience something that you will never forget, break your heart in the most devastating and honest way, and blow you away. I've never cried this much after reading a book. And this is coming from a person who practically never cries when reading. The story was so poignant, the writing so beautiful, powerful, raw, and full of emotion that this book resonated with me so deeply. I have to say that I highlighted most of what the monster said. His stories were inspiring and true. His cryptic answers and ability to discern what is right or wrong is what made him such an amazing character. The illustrations are also perfectly done and are worth buying a physical copy for.If you haven't read this, I don't know what you're waiting for. Grab it, devour it, feel it.