Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi This sequel was really good but Juliette disappointed me. She spent most of her time crying, thinking too much and sorting out her feelings. I loved Kenji. He's so funny and always made me smile; even at the most serious of times. Thank God he told the flat-out truth to Juliette about her behaviour because I wanted to shake her so badly. Plus some things were... not predictable but I had already figured a bunch of them in the first book itself. I didn't have any theory or whatever, it was a simple guess, but still, when they actually happened I wasn't surprised. There was not enough Adam in this book. I felt like he was just the third wheel. However, Warner, oh Warner, I absolutely adored him. Chapter 62 caused my death, but I hated how Juliette betrayed Adam that way. She never even told him about her kiss with Warner in Shatter Me, even after he was trying so hard to find a way to be with her despite...well. I won't spoil. Plus, I hate hate HATE that love triangle.Unravel Me didn't quite meet my expectations but Tahereh's writing is gorgeous and she has her way with words, and I'm still looking forward to the final book of this trilogy.