“Do not read, as children do, to amuse yourself, or like the ambitious, for the purpose of instruction. No, read in order to live.”

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Rose's Notes: I love this woman so much.

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Hi guys, I know I haven't been very active here since I signed up and I wanted to tell you that I won't be on until 12th November because of my exams, which start next Monday. 


So, goodbye. Will miss you all <3


[Reblog] BookLikes Banned on Tumblr

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Through the Tumblr I'm managing about the recent Goodreads policy change, Censored by Goodreads, I've discovered a glitch wherein any links to BookLikes are blocked. I put out a call on Tumblr, and a response told of how the user tried to alert the Tumblr overlords to this situation, and got swatted for her trouble. Links to BookLikes are absolutely vital, given that this is the main destination for the Goodreads diaspora, and there have been a variety of posts here that it's killing me I can't post. 


So, can we social media this situation? Can someone alert BookLikes that they are banned by Tumblr? Or can someone get me contact info for someone on BookLikes that I can talk to? 


And I'm http://ceridwen.booklikes.com/ just in case the reblogging thingy strips out point of origin of post. Reblog at will.


Keep circulating the tapes. 



This is so cute! And so true!


Which way do you take your coffee? And can you guess mine? ;)

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Good advice, all.
Good advice, all.


[Reblogged] By our reviews and posts, you will get to know us

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So, in my real life, I'm a trial lawyer. I prosecute people who rape children and commit murder, and engage that sort of anti-social criminal behavior. Because of that, I'm pretty familiar (actually, extremely familiar) with the rules of evidence.


This post is for the purpose of talking about the rule against hearsay. I don't want to get all boring and legalish and stuff, but basically, the rule of hearsay provides that stuff that is said outside of court (i.e., to a witness who wants to repeat it in court) is sufficiently unreliable that it won't be allowed in court in front of the finder of fact (i.e., jury) unless it fits into an exception that gives it something that we call indicia of reliability. For our purposes, I'm just going to talk about regular old hearsay.


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What Bullying Really Looks Like

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I hate telling this story. Just the thought of doing so, of exposing my past to even a handful of other people, makes me feel sick to my stomach. But with Goodreads' change in policy occurring and the word "bullying" being slung around so casually, I think it's time. 

What I'm about to tell you might be hard to believe. Or maybe you'll believe it, and maybe it'll upset you. I won't lie; what I went through is likely to trigger some people. If you believe me. I'm always terrified people won't believe me. After all, I was gaslighted so hard, for years even I didn't know whether I believed me. 


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The Piper's Son - Melina Marchetta

1. I love how despite being about grief and loss, this book has its funny moments to lighten up the tension. 


2. The characterisation is perfect. I have a weakness for books about flawed and troubled characters, and Marchetta's characters are everything I'm looking for. 



[REBLOG] How to get a profile – with a pretty link in your menu and everything.

This is what you'll get:




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How to Change Your Followers/Following to Something Fun

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In this post I'm going to show you how to change the Followers and Following sections on your pages into something creative like Minions and Masters. 


On the top of your homepage you’ll notice your navigation bar.



This will bring up your Settings page.



Now Scroll down a bit until you see this:




That’s going to bring up the template customization page. In the upper left hand corner, you’ll see this:




This is going to split your screen, with your blog showing below and the code window at the top. Don’t freak out. Scroll down through the code until you find these lines:



Now you see where it says "Followers"? Here's where you can get creative. Replace "Followers" with the title of your choosing. I suggest "Stalkers", "Creepers", "Minions", you get the point. For demonstrative purposes, I'll go with "Minions". Your code should now look like this:



Okay, so you have your Followers changed. Now for "Following". Scroll down a little further until you see these lines: 



Replace "Following" with the word of your choice, in this case, Masters. Your code should now look like this:






Okay, so as you’ll notice in the screenshot above there’s a drop down menu with the word Blog selected. In order to assure that your Followers/Following is fixed for all your pages you have to select that drop down and repeat the code change for each one listed:





Good luck, everyone. Hope this helps! 

If only Amazon/GR could learn from #7.

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Alone  - Robert J. Crane

I really really enjoyed that book. Sienna is a smart girl and she can fight. I love girls who fight. She's strong and can take care of herself. At first I felt sorry for the life she had (she was locked up in her house by her mother with plenty of rules like, always stay fully clothed, never talk about the outside world, etc, etc. She was basically a prisonner) but then I realised that those things moulded her into the person she is now. This book is also full of action and I liked the fact that Robert did not put much emphasis on her feelings about Zack. The girl's a fighter, survival comes first, and he stuck to that. Why 4 stars though, is because of the lack of information about why Wolfe and his employers needed her, and the fact that Wolfe kept showing up unexpectedly everywhere annoyed and bored me at times. And also because we know practically nothing about her mother and where she's disappeared to, what she was up to and stuff like that. But apart from that, this book is really nice and is kinda fast and throws you directly in the plot from the beginning itself. READ IT.

Angelfall  - Susan Ee

First of all: I DID NOT KNOW THAT THE AUTHOR'S NAME WAS VREELAND. What a shocking revelation.


I hate angels; I find them rather lame, especially after reading books like Hush HushFallen, etc. But Susan Ee, just like Laini Taylor (Daughter of Smoke and Bone) and Wendy Higgins (Sweet Evil) managed to use that concept and created a masterpiece. 

Angelfall was so addictive that I finished it in less than a day. This book draws you in from the very beginning and demands your constant attention.

I deeply admire Penryn. She is definitely one of my favourite heroines; she is kickass, knows her priorities, and is loyal to her duty as 'the head of the family'. She doesn't whine about her condition, she just does what she has to do to survive and of course, get back her sister at all costs. I love her bluntless and her witty comebacks. As for Raffe being an agnostic angel? That was simply brilliant. And hilarious. He is a (sexy) mysterious character, and it's evident that he's hiding some things but you can't help like him. His relationship with Penryn developed slowly and I liked how the book was not about the 'romance' but based on getting to the aerie and looking for Paige. It shows the characters' dermination and how they know where their priorities lie. And I love that.

And the ending. I literally died. 
I highly recommend this book for people who like action, suspense and kickass characters.

The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa

I've finally recovered from the brutal cliffhanger Julie Kagawa dropped on us like a bomb at the end of this book. The Eternity Cure was the most violent, gory, emotional and gripping book I've read this year (my whole life, in fact). It has everything I was anticipating: character development, plot twists, emotion, action, EVERYTHING. Julie used one of the most over-used concepts -vampire dystopia- and turned in into a captivating and memorable story, as from the first sentence. 

"I smelled blood as soon as I walked into the room..."

We meet Allison again and she's still searching for Kanin who's being held hostage by a psychotic, evil vampire Sarren, who holds a lifelong grudge against her sire. On her way, Allison comes across Jackal and they agree, though reluctantly, to form an alliance and look for Kanin together. However, they discover a new threat: the deadly Red Lung virus has spread and a cure is urgently needed or else the entire population will be wiped out. And by entire, I mean both humans and vampires.

Allison is so badass. She can fight. I love girls who can fight. The way she handles that katana of hers is impressive. She grows from this sensitive, caring person from The Immortal Rules to his ruthless, independent, ass-kicker bitch. We also get to see more of the "demon" part of her and how she learns to fight it back especially during the scenes where she's really trying to hold herself back from just losing it and draining people of their blood. This inner battle between her human conscience and instinctive vampire nature is just, wow. That girl is incredibly strong.

And then there's Jackal. I pretty much hated him in book 1 but god, this hate quickly transformed into something else entirely in this book. Sure, the guy is twisted, cocky, heartless, ruthless, sadistic and doesn't give a damn about humans, but his sarcastic remarks and his humour undoubtedly lightened up the tension during the whole book. I doubled up laughing everytime he snapped back at Allie, and I really liked their relationship. Although they joked (or not) about sliting each other's throats when everything would be over, they were still sticking together and saved each other's lives constantly. I'll be honest and admit that the plot twist about Jackal took me by surprise. I was too engrossed by his presence that I didn't even take the time to wonder if he had any hidden motives, or where his loyalty really was.

Kanin. What to say... I love him. Zeke too. I found him a little bit annoying in this book, but I still liked him.


I don't have much to say about Stick. He had changed a bit, but he was still the same coward he was in The Immortal Rules. He kept shoving it in Allie's face but it was obvious that he was avoiding being alone with her and admitting that he was -and still is- a pathetic, weak guy. (SPOILERHis death wouldn't have affected me otherwise, but the way Kagawa wrote it sliced my heart. I actually felt sorry for him in the end.)


And of course, our brilliant villain. Sarren is the most insane and terrifying villain I've ever come across in a book. The guy gave my chills. He talked about torture the way I would talk about book shopping. Yeah, he's that twisted. But I love him. I have this thing for villains (not in the way you're thinking). They're so badass. (SPOILERI mean, who wouldn't pee on themselves if Sarren said that:
"Perhaps I will pluck out both your eyes, then remove all your teeth, and make a necklace from them. Or perhaps a wind chime. I do love wind chimes, don't you, little bird?" 
I definitely would.)


When I completed the book, tears had formed in my eyes, I was breathless, like I had just run 10 laps around a race track. That. damn. cliffhanger. The hardest part was: (SPOILER

“I didn't hear the exact moment Sarren ended Zeke's life. I was just aware of his breathing, tagged at first, then seizing up, as if he could no longer gasp for her. And then, a long, agonizingly slow exhale, the last gulp departing his lungs, as Ezekiel's tortured breaths finally, irreversibly, stopped altogether.
"Good night, sweet prince." Sarren crooned, a velvet whisper.
The recording clicked off.”


I truly thought that after that, this series would never end well. I wanted to scream in agony. But this last part. With Sarren in the van. Oh God. I still shiver whenever I think of that. 

This book was phenomenal. I could read it a hundred times and still have the same reaction to the end than when I first read it. Julie's writing was absorbing and I love how this series of hers is completely unpredictable. It's definitely not the usual happy ending stuff. She doesn't hesistate to make her characters go through unimaginable degrees of pain and difficult situations. She doesn't care if she tortures her readers. This is what I liked about her. THIS is how to write a sequel.

The Distance Between Us - Kasie West

I have been looking forward to reading this since I finished Kasie West's first novel, Pivot Point. And she did it again. 

Caymen Meyers lives with her Mom and grew up poor. They manage a doll store -some of the dolls are really creepy as hell- and they live just above it in a tiny apartment. They both have issues with rich people, coming from the fact that her dad's rich parents gave money to Susan, her mom, to leave their son alone when they learnt she was pregnant. She grew up disliking rich people, and never took the time to mingle with them because she knew her mother would disapprove.

Caymen is no doubt the most sarcastic character I've ever come across. Like she says, she'll exceptionally sarcastic. She has a witty retort to everything and she never missed a chance to make other people uncomfortable with her incredibly dry sense of humor. She made me laugh during the whole book, even during the serious situations. I also liked how she never complained about her financial situation. She was poor, and dating an awfully rich guy but pratically never felt self-conscious. I mean, she did. Once or twice but she never tried to do anything about it to impress him. She was always like, 'That's how I am and you're gonna have to accept that.' However, there's a big plot twist near the end concerning money, which turned out to have a huge role in their relationship. And the whole plot too. 

There's one thing you must know about Xander Spence. He is rich. Rich, as in stinking rich. Yes, he is ridiculousy charming. Yes, he is always dressed in designer clothes, and buys $30 socks. Yes, he has 4 four cars and a private jet. But he's actually a down to earth guy and isn't at all pretentious, arrogant like most of the rich kids out there. Plus he's awfully cute. He's definitely adds to my book boyfriend list, because he's so considerate and didn't stop being nice to Caymen when she was rude to him. I especially liked how their relationship played out. It was no insta-love thing. In fact her prejudices against Xander gradually changed, when she learned more about him. Their dates were really fun and out of the ordinary (SPOILERand it was cute how Xander didn't complain about the blisters during the grave digging.)


Some random quotes that I loved:

Xander opens the compartment above my knees and takes out a pair of leather gloves. As he pulls them on I can't help but laugh.
"You have driving gloves."
"And it's funny."
"Funny adorable?"
I shake my head. "If you say so."


"So Caymen..."
"So, Xander..."
"Like the islands."
"Your name. Caymen. Like the Cayman Islands. Is that your mom's favourite place to visit or something?"
"No, it's her third favourite place. I have an older brother named Paris and an older sister named Sydney."
"Wow." He opens the bag, takes out a muffin, and hands it to me. The top glistens with sprinkled sugar. "Really?"
I gently unwrap it. "No."

Sadly, I felt that the ending was rushed and I still had many questions, like who was Matthew, how he was involved with Caymen's mom, if Caymen would ever look for and meet her dad, and how did Xander and Susan's conversation go in the end, and why is her name Caymen??? Otherwise, I'm thrilled that I read this book as it is a good summer read, and you'll no doubt finish it in one sitting. A must-read!

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