Suicide Note

Suicide Note - Teresa Mummert Actual Rating: 2.5 stars.Contains spoilers.It was an ok read. It was a cute story, but a bit clichéd. I also didn't like Shane's attitude at the airport and he was cold with her, and Jenn isn't a great protagonist either. I think that their relationship was quite rushed. Her family sucked, and I wanted the Thomas issue dealt with differently because the guy's an ass and the way he spoke to and about Jenn was freaking unforgivable. Gail was the most annoying character. Knowing what a dick a guy was to your sister and still marrying him? Blaming her sister for not understanding her, and being too selfish? Filing for a divorce later on and finally acknowledging that your sister was right during all that time? What the freaking HELL?? People like that are just beyond me. The writing was ok. It was mostly conversation and even if it was 1st person narrative, it's like we were not even in the characters' heads. The editing was not thorough enough in my opinion. There were a lot of mistakes and one of the things that bothered me was that during Shane's POV, we were witnessing what Jenn was doing when in fact, they were not even in the same room, let alone the same country. “Hello?”“Jake? Hey, man! How are you doing?”“Jesus, is this Shane? How have you been?” Jake pulled the phone away from his face and yelled to his wife. “Honey, you will never believe who is on the phone!” Anyway, it's a light read but I wouldn't recommend it to someone who's looking for an original, tear-jerker read.