Boundless - Cynthia Hand Actual rating: 3.5 stars.The book was good. But I have only one thing to speak about. And that is the love triangle.I think that the ending was way too convenient. I mean, I always thought that Clara would choose Christian because he's an angel and she always had that little crush on him which never really faded and not Tucker because he would die before her, it would not be safe to involve him in angel stuff and that he would eventually end up getting hurt. HOWEVER, his "near-death" experience caused him to become a prophet, with prolonged longevity? Come on, wasn't that too convenient? My point is, if Tucker had really died, Clara would have ended up with Christian. That is obvious. But, he didn't. And he changed, which gave Clara more to think about and obviously, choose him.Also, a second thing I would like to point out is the fact that Clara never really give a fair shot to Christian. He was jerk to her in Unearthly (whcih I call Tucker's book, because well, she was dating him), but she still liked him. So I thought that since she and Tucker were broken up, she would give it a try with Christian. But really, she didn't. It was like he was never really in the race, and Tucker never really had any competition because Clara was so not over him and kept ending up in his barn. Clearly, the girl needed to sort out her priorities! She kept moping during the whole book and I hate how she treated Christian. She knew all along that she would never get over Tucker, so why even give Christian hope? I also hate that in the epilogue he was still single. He deserved to be happy. I liked Clara in the first two books, but I couldn't connect with her character in this one.So. I'm Team Tucker and I wanted Clara to choose him, but not like this. Like I said, the circumstances were too convenient. She never really made a choice, because she didn't have anything to choose from. Her heart belonged with Tucker all along and from the way I see it, Christian was just a distraction, a way to make her realise that Tucker's the guy.