Pivot Point

Pivot Point - Awesome read!Addie lives in a Compound where there are only people with mind abilities -which are so cool by the way- and she is some sort of Clairvoyant. She can Search her future if she has a choice to make, and in Pivot Point, her parents decide to get a divorce and she is asked to choose whether it would be better to live with her dad or with her mom. The book is based on the Search and Kasie West weaved two parallel paths for Addie perfectly. Each one is unique with interesting characters and an interesting plot with a fast pace.I really liked Addie and it was easy for me to connect with her. She's funny, smart and doesn't let guys come on to her easily. As for Duke, the love interest in Addie's life with her mom, I never trusted him. I knew something was up with him, that he would betray Addie and I actually saw it coming but all that stuff happening in the end? Not once had I thought of that. Trevor, the Norm love interest, on the other hand, god I love him. He is nothing like Duke and the way he felt like he should earn the right to call Addison 'Addie' made me melt. He is so sincere and understanding And thank God he didn't really flip out when Addie told him the truth because I would've died if he had left her. And his little brother is so cute too. Overall, Pivot Point was a surprisingly light read (since I was expecting something darker). The two futures were both intriguing and there was never a dull moment, but I still prefer her Norm life. I'm so happy that the book ended the way it did because a cliffhanger would have totally killed me. I definitely recommend this novel and I simply cannot wait for the sequel.