Through the Ever Night

Through the Ever Night - Now that I've recovered from the shock of TTEN, I have to say one thing: Man, this was good! The story starts just where it was left off in UTNS. Perry is now Blood Lord of the Tides and Aria is looking for the Still Blue in order to get Talon and the others back. The Tides don't really trust Perry as a Blood Lord and when he brings Aria to the tribe, things get worse. Finally, she leaves with Roar in search of the Still Blue. Aria and Perry's relationship is one I'm very fond of and I loved how they didn't let their feelings for each other come in the way of their responsibilities. There were no cheesy moments and no drama, and this I liked. Aria is more fierce and determined now, and what I like about Perry is that he takes his role as Blood Lord seriously and didn't feel any self-pity. Now, can we talk about Roar? His friendship with Aria in this book was so strong and moving. It's so obvious that they'd do anything for each other and Rossi teared my heart to pieces with Roar's reaction when... the thing happened. I also have to mention that the book is very well-written and the pace is perfect. Like its predecessor, it’s told from both Aria and Perry’s POV, and third person narration is by far my least favourite writing style but Veronica managed to make it work perfectly. I loved Under the Never Sky; it was original and dynamic but I think TTEN surpasses that story, which is very rare is my case because I usually prefer the first book in most series. This book was unlike many others, where much of the story is only to fill up the pages for the final wrap-up in the series. This story was intense and riveting in every way and almost impossible to put down. I strongly recommend it.