The Diviners

The Diviners - Libba Bray I can't believe that I put this book down when I reached 84 % and read 6 books before getting back to it. This book was brilliant in every freaking way. It was hilarious, (very) creepy, dark, twisted and intelligently built. I'm aware that Ms Bray did a lot of research when writing this book, and I bow down to her because she wrote a masterpiece. I was taken in by the history and the mythology which captivated me for pages and pages. With the theatres, the language and the way people behaved, I felt like I was in the 1920s. The characters are also pos-i-tute-ly charming, full of energy, witty and snarky, especially Evie, who never bored me! This girl marvelously lightened the seriously creepy atmosphere of the story. Also. Our murderer, Naughty John is just brilliant. Really, this is a must read!