Taking Chances (Taking Chances, #1) - Molly McAdams So, Harper grew up in a military base with her emotionless father whom she addresses as Sir. She goes off to college in San Diego where she meets Bree, her room mate who invites her to a party. She meets Chase, Bree's arrogant, sexy and jerk of a brother who spends his life sleeping, no 'screwing' girls as he himself calls it. She's instantly attracted to him but decides it's best to keep her distances because of his playboy reputation. Then, she meets Brandon, a tattooed guy who fights for a living, and is sweet and all she could ever ask for in a boyfriend. They start dating but Harper is still fighting her feelings for Chase, who calls her princess and PG because she's a virgin. I don't really know what to say about this book. I'm having many different opinions about it right now. I didn't like it the book, the first 50 % were ok but Molly ruined it all by killing off Chase. Brandon's a good guy, I'm not saying the opposite. He's the perfect boyfriend, husband and father and that's what bothered me most about him. He is TOO perfect. Unlike Chase, who at first did nothing but screw girls and not even wake up next to them in the morning. He was a dick but he changed. That's what I liked about him. He changed because of Harper. And I loved how he really WAS happy when he could finally be with Harper. Brandon, on the other hand was always the good guy, the forgiving one, the selfless one, the too loving one. I loved him, but I just wanted a happy ending with Chase, not him.And Harper. The girl's not a 'heroine'. She's a selfish girl who doesn't know how to control her feelings. She's neither strong, nor independent. I hated the fact that she ran into Brandon's arms two months after Chase died. And Bree's family even supported him in doing this. You don't encourage your daughter-in-law to go back to her ex because her husband who is also your son, DIED and she can't handle this alone plus control her feelings for said ex, do you? This is ridiculous. I mean, who in their right mind does this? And PLEASE. If the bitch loved Chase that much, she should have known that he would NEVER cheat on her. She already hated Trish, so it wouldn't have been hard to guess the truth, would it? I mean seriously, the girl's fucking stupid. She's a very unlikeable character, I didn't like her from the start. She kept playing the victim with both guys, and suddenly when Brandon decides to fight again, she runs away? WTF. SHE cheated on HIM, and he still accepted her and her child. What the fuck is wrong with her? She takes everything for granted, using her 'love' as an excuse. She is plain SELFISH and STUPID. You know what pissed me off even more? Liam saying 'Uncle Chase' at the grave. That broke my heart. One thing I did like about the book: Molly, you nailed the hot scenes. However, some parts were just plain cheesy and boring with the 'I love you so much' and Brandon or Harper talking about how they stll loved each other even when they weren't together.So, yeah. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, except if you like bullshit books like Beautiful Disaster.