Spell Bound - Rachel Hawkins I hated the end. Cal's death was unnecessary. It was just a way of getting rid of the love triangle, and avoiding Sophie the trouble of choosing between him and Archer. Plus, his death wasn't properly mourned. No one ever talked about it afterwards, except for Sophie reliving his death in her nightmares. The way he died was too sudden and rushed, one minute he was helping her and the next, BAM. Dead. I mean, most deaths happen like that in books but this time it's like Rachel made him die just for the sake of a plot twist. I suppose my reaction should have been to cry out in frustration because of the death of a guy I really liked, but I was more like 'WTF just happened?' The author's attempt to get to us by a sudden death clearly didn't work on me.I also wanted Sophie to at least talk to Cal's ghost but no, she was too busy with Council stuff wasn't she? I feel like Cal was just like this disposable thing that had no use in Hex Hall, was thrust into Demonglass to replace Archer and force us all to like him, and then die and rip our hearts out in Spell Bound.This book was ok. Full of wittiness, action, some cute moments, etc but the first book of this series will always be my favourite of the three.