Just One Day - Gayle Forman 3.5 stars.I could say that I didn't like this book. I could say that there's no point to this book because if Allyson had never agreed to go to Paris with a total stranger, none of this would ever have happened. I could even say that Allyson is stupid and should've forgotten Willem the moment she realised Willem had left her, or that looking for him in another continent was an even stupider idea because the odds of finding him were so low. But I won't. Because I was pleasantly surprised but how Gayle Forman, once again, perfectly tackled the emotional development aspect of this book. I have nothing much to say about it, except that I think it's a hit or miss book. You'll either like it or not. This story isn't perfect, but it's honest and real, and will reach inside of you, and change something there. Some things bugged me, such as how travel is portrayed as being easy, the depth of the Shakespeare references -tone the symbolisn down a notch will ya-, the romance was unconvincing at some point, and the choices Allyson made about her life were a bit rushed. But otherwise it's a nice and light read.