Demonglass - Rachel Hawkins Do not read this -very short, not really a review- review if you haven't read the first book. Why, oh why did there have to be a love triangle? As if Sophie's undying love for Archer wasn't enough. That girl's thoughts make her look like a 13 year old. I wanted out of her head most of the time. She puts herself in danger several times for a traitor. Now, I love Archer and I understand Sophie's reasons for betraying her father's trust for him. BUT. Also, the romance seems too... planned, according to me. Hawkins made us hate Archer, so that we could love Cal, and then threw Archer back into the picture and forced us to choose. I think that if I hadn't read countless books with irritating love triangles, I might have given Demonglass 4 stars. The plot was way too predictable and I also hated the ending. Sure, this Aislinn woman intrigues me but, I feel like this book was only written to 'fill up the space' before the third book. I think that the climax should have been longer and with more action. I had high expectations for this book since I really liked Hex Hall and I was hoping that things would get more intense, complicated and action-filled. It was a light read, had its cute and fluffy moments, kickass ones, hilarious ones, but I am still a bit disappointed in this book.