The Darkest Minds - Alexandra Bracken I should start by saying that The Darkest Minds surprised me. I thought I knew what to expect from the synopsis, but the real deal was way better. Alexandra introduces us to a dark, unsafe world where children are sent to camps where they are abused and exploited because of their abilities. Those are classified into colours, our protagonist, Ruby, being an Orange. One of the most dangerous and uncommon ones.I didn't really feel attached to Ruby. I waited and waited for the moment that I would understand the choices she made, forgive the mistakes she made, but it never came. The fact that she had a rough life, wasn't educated and was snatched away from her parents at ten and consequently, didn't have any guidance, eased my judgement of her. However, I still think that some of her decisions were stupid and reckless, and that she could have done some things otherwise.I really liked the friendship portrayed in this story. Chubs is a really great character, and probably the most rational of them all. Clancy was great too. He is so badass; I loved it when he made Ruby take notice of her 'flaws' and it was the fact that he was faking everything since the beginning but still took the time to help her that turned her into the person she became in the end. The effect of his 'betrayal' I mean. The romance was thankfully, not the main focus of the book. It was unexpected and pratically non-existent, due to... certain circumstances I'm very grateful for. Also, I thought I smelled a love triangle, but thankfully it didn't come. I hope it doesn't comme in the second book either. The story ends on a brutal cliffhanger where the lives of the characters are at stake. I really enjoyed this book. The wonderful writing, the badass characters, the action, the emotions, all of this forced me to read this book and avoid putting it down. Fans of [b:The Immortal Rules|10215349|The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden, #1)|Julie Kagawa||15114912], [b:Angelfall|11500217|Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1)|Susan Ee||16435765] and dark dystopias will devour this one. I know they will. I did.